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Hi Nasheema, I specifically would like to let you know how much we appreciate you! You are extremely efficient, resourceful and always friendly. Thank you so much for all that you do!

G. van der Merwe – May 2017

Good Day. Thank you Yell for yellow for always providing excellent service! It’s Brilliant!

Mr. Ngqokweni – May 2017

Hello. Thank you so much for always being so helpful! This time was no different! You guys are a great help and I really appreciate the service with a smile!

T Williams – April 2107

Good evening Vincent. I'd just like to thank you for the lovely service you provide through Yell for yellow. You know I’m on leave currently and so happy that I could still enjoy such excellent service. I have dealt with you a few times and I really like and appreciate your professionalism and hard work. Thank you for following up and providing me with all the info I need first time round. AND EVERYTIME. Your work does not go unrecognised.

Keep it up!!!! June 2016

Thank you so much for your assistance Nonhlanhla. Was great to speak to you! It is always lovely to have a friendly voice that is willing to help. Thank you for your continual excellent service!

July 2016

Hi there, we would just like to send you a short note just to let you know what a great service Nasheema, Ameer end Eben are doing for us here at Santam head office. On so many occasions they go above and beyond, doing outstanding work, saving us loads of time. They are always helpful, friendly and willing accommodate us a far as possible. They adhere to the rules and there is never anything that is too much.

We really appreciated everything they doing for us.

Many thanks, Theresa

I want wanted to take the time to mention to you the excellent service I am getting from the team in the head office building. The guys from Y4Y really goes out of their way to make things work, no matter how hard or difficult or pressing the request is.

They are one team that we can be very proud of. And the time they save us is just commendable!


Today I simply have to tell you how grateful I am for Ameer van der Berg, he went totally above & beyond what is expected of him to assist me.

Early this morning I asked him to buy an external harddrive from Game, but it wasn’t a straight forward purchase.  He had to ask Game about their price guarantee as I could find the same item at Makro for a R100 less.  Also, I gave him my credit card to make the purchase with – yes, I trust Ameer that much.  Not only did he buy the external harddrive, but he also got it for a discounted price.  Totally appreciated!

While he was doing his rounds, I asked Nasheema if they could please do me another favour.  The one thing in my personal life that I’m really, really bad at, is remembering to get my  chronic medication before I run out of it.  I usually only remember the morning of taking the last of the month’s medication and by then I need the new prescription for the next morning.  I asked if they wouldn’t mind terribly to pick up my chronic medication at my pharmacy in Brackenfell because I wanted to go somewhere else this evening.  The snag was that they payment needed to be done on my credit card again as I didn’t have enough cash with me (payday is still a few days off) and my card is with Ameer.

Not only did they agree and Ameer went to the pharmacy, but when he got there, their credit card facilities were offline.  He called to ask if it was ok for him to draw money to pay for the medicine.  I though he was talking about drawing money from my account (seeing as he had my credit card) – but (and this is where he went above and beyond and totally amazed me!!) he drew the money from his personal account!!  This is totally amazing and truly, sincerely appreciated.  He knew I needed the medication for tomorrow.  He didn’t have to this, he could just come back and tell me that their credit card facilities were off line, which would’ve been acceptable, but he went out of his way to assist me.

As I’ve said, it is really and truly appreciated.


I would like to compliment both Nasheema and Ameer for the excellent service they provide. I often make use of them and the requests more often than not come with specific timings, instructions and in a lot of cases , specifically Thursday’s request (collection of my managers Visa/passport), with all its complications required a lot of patience and thoroughness. I want you to know that I am very pleased with the quality of service the two of them as a team provide. I sincerely appreciate their efforts and the friendly way they conduct business. I have always been pleased with their service but Thursday stood out for me specifically when there was a lot of pressure in terms of timing.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Nasheema, Ameer and Eben for their excellent, attentive customer service. This is not the first nor second time, it’s all the time. Whenever I am in a predicament they ALWAYS make time and is always so friendly and humble with a Positive “Can Do” attitude.

AGAIN, Thank you so very much for employing such a high caliber staff and for instilling within them your desire to be the best.

I am truly grateful and amazed for the effort they put in.

They deserve to be recognized for their outstanding customer service skills.

Phenomenal service to say the least

To whom it may concern, I would like to take a minute out to express sincere gratitude to one of your employees MR Munish Darjee ..  I needed to get my vehicle for JHB TO CT and needed some quotes etc I tried a few places 2 weeks ago already  but wasn’t getting any luck , I then contacted Yell for Yellow last week and asked that someone call me and to my luck I was contacted my Munish , he was extremely helpful, patient ,understanding , sensible and always offered to go the extra mile …  always prompt and efficient on his responses or contacted me whenever I requested , it is with this ease that he provided me with  that  type this mail as I am now at ease that my car is booked and will be here next week in CT … he made my entire nightmare a easy,simple and hassle free  process , in the country we live in I can honestly say that service like this is rare and when its found I feel it should be brought to light and hence me sending this to any managers or managers managers involved that need be, please hold on to this guy .. and give him the credit he deserves ...thank you all and thank you Munish

Thank you very much for the information Palesa. I have been looking for this information for more than a month and could not find it. I am impressed that you found it.

Also thank you for your prompt and friendly service. It is very nice to talk to people that still take client service serious and that go out of their way to help us.

May you have a very prosperous 2015.

Barbara Joubert (Santam)

This note is just to thank Ameer for always being so accommodating and thorough. It is certainly a pleasure to deal with him. His dedication and loyalty towards his work and colleagues does not go unnoticed and he certainly enhanced my level of service experience.

His understanding of the process and business is a true testimony of his level of expertise. Ameer is truly an asset to the Yell for Yellow team.

He always ensures that every need is met by going out of his way making sure that every request is successfully completed even during the most busiest and hectic times. He sometimes even extends his working day. That is especially heart-warming. His friendly and kind nature is definitely an added bonus. I’m always left feeling satisfied and happy knowing that he will try his utmost to get it done and when it’s not possible, he makes sure that all necessary parties are informed even if it means that he must use his personal cell phone to do so.

I just want him to know that it is appreciated, recognized and VALUED .

I wish Ameer and the rest of the Yell for Yellow team everything of the BEST.

Keep up the excellent work! I will definitely continue to use this service. You are true leaders in client service!

Nadia J

I am really impressed with  Nasheemaand Ameer at YellforYellow for doing a fantastic job.

Parcels and collections are handled smoothly and efficiently.  YellforYellow saves us so much time and costs, allowing us to concentrate

on our Jobs here at Santam.    Thank you for the service – it is much appreciated.


What a pleasure to be able to say something about Nasheema and Ameer – both of them are unfailingly obliging and polite.  If they can’t get something done by when I need it, they always let me know – upfront – so there are no disappointments.  They also send emails after the job is done, which is very reassuring. They are great.  THANK YOU to you both!

Jill Davey, Personal Assistant to Stuart Mcmurdo

Compliments to the concierge staff at Santam Head Office in Tyger Valley – Nasheema and Ameer.  It is such a pleasure to log requests with them and the level of service is exceptional.  They are always helpful and professional and no request is too big or small for them to handle.  They definitely make life much easier!”

Zelda Louwrens, Distribution Officer

I just want to say thank you very much for always doing my requests in such a prompt, efficient and friendly way.  You help a lot to make our lives easier here at busy Santam.

Glenda Hanna